List of Free SEO Tools & Search Engine Optimization Software Recommended by SEO Consultant and SEO Experts

SEO stands for "search engine optimization". It is the process of impacting the exposure of a website in a web software system. The higher ranked website appears in the search list. All major search engines have primary search results, where content are ranked. Many professional SEO experts have started using free SEO Tools & Search Engine Optimization Software to help their clients. You can also improve your online marketing effortlessly with the Top SEO software.

Free SEO Tools & Search Engine Optimization Software

1. Google Analytics (Free SEO Tools)

If you're not yet using Google Analytics, We recommend it. Begin as soon as possible. You can't live without Google Analytics. It is one of the most effective and free SEO Tools & Search Engine Optimization Software that SEO company love. Google Analytics is a free SEO tools offered by internet giant Google and widely used web analytics service on the Internet. Analytics is the reporting of Internet data and optimizing web usage. Benefits of Google Analytics: provides detailed Information about visitors, show analyse sources of traffic, Provide website bounce rates, Provide data about specific page popularity, Provide review historical data.

2. Google Webmaster Tools (Free Search Engine Optimization Software)

Google Search Console formerly "Google Webmaster Tools". GWT helps you to identify issues with your website. If you don't have a Google Webmaster account, then you need to open it. It's absolutely free SEO Tools & Search Engine Optimization Software for webmasters. It helps you evaluate and maintain your website's performance. Google Webmaster Tools is a free service offered by Google.

The Benefits of Google Webmaster (Free SEO Tools)

There are many benefits and advantages to having your site with Google Webmaster Tools

  • Get latest data regarding internal links
  • Crawling and indexing activity on the site.
  • Count your Backlinks
  • Help you know your site's load time/speed
  • Analyze Web Content
  • Errors on your webpage
  • Provides Duplicate Content Issues
  • Sit Indexes and Crawls
  • Tracks Your Traffic Performance
  • Provide Ranking Metrics
  • Helps you hacked content

3. Google Keyword Planner ( Free SEO Tools)

Keywords lay the foundation stone of every SEO campaign. You should use it, and become familiar with it. Google Keyword Planner is one of the most effective free SEO Tools & Search Engine Optimization Software offered by Google. Keyword Planner is the premier way of researching keywords. It is the tool to start when you're doing keyword research for your website and Blog. Google Keyword Tool helps you shows the competition for the selected keywords, find out which keywords to target, provides keyword suggestions, and estimated traffic volumes. Google Keyword Tool has a users-friendly interface.

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